Senior Adults

Senior Adult Ministry

A Place for Senior Adults (ages 50 and up) to connect, enjoy recreational and educational activities, and encourage fellowship with other church members. A place to invite Senior Adults needing a church family to join in fellowship and worship.


Senior's Sunday School Classes

9:30 AM

Married Coed - Chris Bern (rm. 204)
Multigenerational Wisdom Seekers - Adena harper (rm.208)
Empty Nesters - Jeff Myers (rm. 207)
Grandparents - Greg Potts (rm. 109)
Mature Coed - Wayne Lovett/Donna Harvey (rm.101)
Mature Ladies - Dot Brett (rm. 203)
Parents of Adult Children - Lamar Farr (rm. 107)

11:00 AM

MisFits (Ladies) - Debbie Eberhart/Debbie Caraway (rm.204)
Parents of Adult Children - Steve Hawkins (Connect rm.)
Fellowship Class - Marcus Hatcher/David Grabensteder (rm.109)
Mature Ladies - Dot Fraiser/Sylvia Folsom (rm.102)


Spring - Various Day Trips

Summer - Picnic and Wednesday Supper Club

Fall - Apple Trip and Various Day Trips

At least one overnight trip a year