Church Conference

Special Called Church Conference


Date: Wednesday, 11/10/2021

Time: 5:50pm

Place: Worship Center 

Special conference to amend our bylaws & constitution. These amendments will be voted on December 5th, 2021 at out Annual Business Meeting.


Proposed Changes:

Motion 1 - Amend Constitution Article III: Statement of Faith


Replace the existing Statement of Faith with “The Baptist Faith and Message” adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention, June 14, 2000.


This change strengthens the Biblical and legal foundation of the CFBC Constitution. It also corrects a minor conflict within the CFBC Constitution where Article VI states that CFBC subscribes to the SBC “The Baptist Faith and Message” but doesn’t fully include all elements in the Statement of Faith.




Motion 2 - Amend Bylaws Article IV: Governance

---- Section D: Governing Documents


Add paragraph stating that the Statement of Faith is the guiding principle for all governing documents. Before assuming leadership or staff positions, Elders, Deacons, Staff, Committee Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons will be given a copy of the Statement of Faith and asked to acknowledge receipt of and agree to be governed by the Statement of Faith.


The 1st Amendment right to religious freedom is under legal attack. To help protect CFBC from legal challenges, it is essential that CFBC anchor itself to the Bible via the Statement of Faith. CFBC leaders and staff have the responsibility for real-world application of the Statement of Faith. Failure to consistently comply with the Statement of Faith opens opportunities for malevolent legal challenges.


Motion 3 - Amend Bylaws Article X: Ministry Teams

---- Section D: Membership


Add requirement for the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of Ministry Teams to be church members.


This change relates to a reasonable expectation that individuals in leadership roles representing Carterville First Baptist Church should be members of CFBC.


Motion 4 - Amend Bylaws Article V: Church Elders

---- Section C: Qualification of Church Elders


Remove the redundant 4th qualification requiring Elder have waited at least one year after a three-year term.



The 4th qualification is redundant and covered by the wording found in Article V: Church Elders, Section A, Item 1. “An Elder shall be required to wait one year before serving again as an active Elder.” 


Striking it also eliminates potential confusion as the sentence could be incorrectly interpreted as an additional requirement for the candidate to have already been an Elder.


Motion 5 - Amend Bylaws Article V: Church Elders

---- Section E: Review Process Team


Modification eliminates the Elder Review Team.


The implementation of the Elder Review Team process has been cumbersome. Under the current policy, Elders choose church members with the qualities needed to serve on this team. However, these church members could also be potential Elder nominees or could be related to Elder nominees. To avoid the appearance of conflict of interest, either the Review Team Member should resign from the team, or the nominee be excluded from Elder consideration. This is not a hypothetical possibility, as it has happened multiple times in past years.


This change removes a cumbersome process and potential conflicts of interest. The Elders would be responsible for defining the processes necessary to select the best two candidates to present to the Church for ratification. This modification trusts the Elders to faithfully exercise their Biblical responsibility in choosing the next year’s leaders.