Missions Opportunity in Bartow County and Cartersville City Schools

Reading Mentors: READ TO GROW Bartow County Schools

READ TO GROW is a reading initiative to help every child read on grade level by third grade, which is essential for future success. Last school year 550 RTG volunteers served one hour a week in 1st,2nd, or 3rd grade classrooms. Reading proficiency in those classrooms increased significantly. This is an opportunity to change a child's life forever as children who read on grade level not only succeed more in school but also in life. Read to Grow will resume in September. Interested people can access the volunteer forms at https://www.bartow.k12.ga.us/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1045123&type=d&pREC_ID=1675637

or go to bartow.k12.ga.us and click on the community tab and you will see the form.

Kristy Mitchell will get in touch with you.  

MENTOR CANES Cartersville City Schools

Cartersville City Schools are in need of more mentors. Our school-based mentoring program will begin on 9/7/2020. Mentors are welcome to come to the school for in-person mentoring, mentor virtually, or by phone. We ask that mentors meet with a student weekly for the school year. Mentors help walk aside parents and teachers in promoting self-confidence, self esteem, and goal setting. Students cherish these relationships and are having positive outcomes such as improved school attendance and decreased disciple referrals.

To begin mentoring go to the following link: https://www.cartersvilleschools.org/Page/1379

Please give Maria Davis a call at 770-387-4723 or Cassie Gibson at 770-387-4732


2021 Mission Ministry Team

  • Roland Castro - 
  • Matt Glenn - 
  • Vanessa McWhorter - 
  • Bryan Moore, Chair - 
  • Andy Russell - 
  • Rachel Salter - 
  • Bryan Villarreal - 

2019 Missions - A Year In Review

This past year we visited the Dominican Republic and the Amazon. We took a team of 15 to the DR and a team of 17 to the Amazon.

In the DR, we were able to come alongside two young churches to help support their efforts to reach their individual communities. The team helped do a community project, cleaning and repainting a community basketball court. The team also helped pour a concrete patio for one of the churches to help increase their space to have Bible study. The team also worked with children from the church’s preschool and brought needed supplies for the school. Finally, the team began the first steps in building a relationship with a home for the rehabilitation of men who suffer from addictions.

In the Amazon, the team had the opportunity to visit several communities of indigenous people. Many of these had not previously allowed visitors into their communities. The team held health clinics, reading glass clinics, giveaways, and Gospel presentations in areas not easily accessed in the past. The team served 421 people in the clinics and saw 212 professions of faith. Four homes offered to host new Bible studies for their community.

This past year was our first year for hosting Hope for Christmas at our church. We were able to host almost 100 families, including almost 300 children. Everyone that came through our doors was able to have a fun and relaxing day of games and snacks. They were able to pick out winter wear for the entire family. They were sent home with a meal and presents for the children. While with us, the children were able to pick out a gift for their parents. Most importantly, everyone that came to the event was able to hear the true reason for Christmas. The children were presented with a Gospel presentation, while the parents had a time to talk with people from our church. Our people were able to just listen and be there for the parents. 

Below are some pictures from these Mission Outreach Events

"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples!" - Psalm 96:3