Our adult DGroups are now able to meet on the church campus. If your group would like to meet on campus, please let Ann Eubanks at know and she will work with you to arrange a workable time and place. Ann can be reached at  . If you are interested in joining or starting a DGroup please let Ann know and we will get you started! These groups are focused discipleship to ensure we are disciples who make disciples!


As we say every Sunday, our mission as followers of Christ is to MAKE DISCIPLES!

On VISION SUNDAY, February 2nd you received a VISION GUIDE 2020 (now available digitally HERE). In that guide our DISCIPLESHIP PATHWAY is to:

  1. GATHER together to worship
  2. GROW deep in Christ
  3. GO wide to the world

We GATHER to worship each Sunday. We GROW deep with Christ and in community with one another through Sunday School Groups and Discipleship Classes. We GO wide to the world by making disciples locally and globally. 

In order to accelerate the GO stage of our discipleship, we at CFBC are officially launching D-groups. D-groups are Discipleship Groups composed of 3-5 members of like gender who meet together weekly for approximately 1-1.5 hours for the purpose of accelerated spiritual growth and multiplication (making more disciples).

  • An initial group of D-groups leaders has been trained and will start leading groups this March.
    • These leaders are now seeking group members.
    • If you are interested in signing up for a group please fill out the form below.
  • Each group will meet for 12-18 months. The goal is for each group member to start a new D-group after meeting for 12-18 months. New groups should be composed of new believers led to Christ and/or other believers who desire to join a group.
  • D-group meetings involve Bible engagement based upon each member’s Bible reading/journaling, Scripture memory, prayer, accountability, confession of sin, encouragement to witness, and celebrating those who come to Christ through our witness.
  • D-group meetings will take place at the location of the leader’s choice. Most groups will meet off campus.
  • Once you commit to a group, attendance is required at each meeting with the exception of emergencies (i.e. these are high commitment groups).

Ultimately, D-groups create a relational environment where true life-on-life discipleship can flourish. These groups are for followers of Jesus who are ready to be challenged to put their faith into action. Leading one of these groups is a highlight of my week. I am praying that you too will commit yourself to the joy of the discipleship journey!


Your Pastor,

Kyle Walker